The Praying Hands – A Universal Prayer Gesture

There is a typical supplication signal among Christians which is called asking hands or the hands fastened or collapsed together before the heart. Such a supplication motion is an image of acquiescence, accommodation, earnestness and atonement. There are other people who lift their petition hands as though arguing to God.

Natahn Ausubel, in his “Book of Jewish Knowledge said that this petition signal isn’t select to Christians alone. He said the Jews even before the hour of Jesus Christ, polished it: “It has likewise been regularly accepted that collapsing the hands in supplication is solely a Christian custom. This isn’t the chronicled reality by any means. As ahead of schedule as the post-Exilic period, when Jews asked, they collapsed their hands, and they noticed this custom for a few centuries even after it had been received by Christians.”

Jesus, being a Jew, likewise implored with caught hands. You more likely than not seen pictures or pictures of Him in the nursery of Gethsemani in this petition motion. In other fine arts, you can likewise see the Virgin Mary and heavenly messengers with their hands fastened too.

The Hindus and Buddhists draw their palms together at the heart as an indication of love and regard. It is additionally a type of welcome. This is known as the “anjali mudra” which means offering (anjali) and seal (mudra). Individuals of India while doing this motion would give the signal “Namaste” which is some sort of a consecrated hi. “Namaste” signifies “I bow to the godlikeness inside you from the eternality inside me.” How wonderful the significance of that word is!

In petition, our body surely has a task to carry out in supplication alongside our heart, psyche and soul. Our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, in his book “Soul of the Liturgy” said: “The body includes a spot inside the heavenly love of the Word made substance, and it is communicated ceremonially in a specific order of the body, in signals that have created out of the formality’s inward demands…”

The Pope referenced the custom during primitive occasions of setting one’s held hands under the control of his decision ruler as an indication of his constancy and unwaveringness. So when we crease our hands in supplication, we are emblematically promising to God our devotion and dependability and putting our hands in His.

What happens when we supplicate or ruminate with caught or collapsed hands? In the act of yoga, it is said that uniting our hands in a real sense brings the left and right halves of the globe of the cerebrum together. Such a stance quiets the brain.



I find that I am ready to zero in additional on God and concentrate better when I implore utilizing the asking hands signal. Maybe collapsing or catching or drawing my hands together imparts a sign to my brain to quiet down. It is a lot of a similar when I stoop to ask. I consider it to be the point at which I am in God’s quality so I do it to show my veneration to my Creator.